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marília marz

Marília was born in São Paulo, SP; Marz in Eugene, Oregon. Marília learned to draw, and Marz, learned the transforming power of drawing.

Whether through illustration or comics, Marília Marz believes that the will behind each drawn line is capable of changing, even if only a little, ourselves and the world around us.

The projects are many and the time is short, but I'll get them done, one step at a time.


Marília Marz has a bachelor degree from Escola da Cidade in Architecture and works as an illustrator and comic book artist. In 2015, during her graduation, she was granted an scholarship to study one year abroad in the University Of Oregon, where she started to study and develop her first comics.


Her main comic is a story titled “Indivisible” - a narrative about black and east-asian culture in Liberdade neighbourhood, in São Paulo (the site housed many Japanese immigrants back in the early XX century, carrying a Japanese aesthetic even today) that got her a nomination for the 2020 HQ MIX Trophy in the category New Talent - Writer. Also in 2020, Marília developed the comic “Where Are We Going, Dad?”, for the initiative “IMS Invites” (IMS stands for Moreira Salles Institute, a renowned cultural institute in Brazil). In 2021, Indivisible was approved in PNLD (Plano Nacional do Livro Didático - National Textbook Plan) and is now part of the government official textbook list, being eligible for use in public schools throughout Brazil. She is also a cartoonist for Folha de São Paulo, one of Brazil's biggest newspapers.


Her client's list include Sesc, Instituto Moreira Salles, Netflix, Omelete, Empowher NY, Vitrine Filmes, Instituto Pólis, Folha de São Paulo, Festival Sinédoque e Itaú Cultural.

Perfil no Instagram (@mariliamarz)



Indivisible – Special Edition | Independent,

São Paulo/SP

Comics & Collage | Independent,

São Paulo/SP

Mulheres & Quadrinhos | Skript Editora,

São Paulo/SP


Indivisible | MIS (Museum of Image and Sound),

São Paulo/SP

Eu | Independent, São Paulo/ SP

First Concert | Balaclava Records, São Paulo/SP


Indivisible | Independent, São Paulo/ SP



HQMIX Award Finalist - New Talent - Writer, for Indivisible, São Paulo/SP


 Winner of  Des.gráfica Publication Contest, organized by MIS (Museum of Image and Sound), São Paulo/SP

Prêmio Dente de Ouro Finalist, Comics category| Dente Publication Fair, Brasília/DF

Graphic Conventions


 CCXP 2020 | São Paulo/SP

 Butantã Gibicon 2020 | São Paulo/SP


 CCXP 2019 | São Paulo/SP

Feira Miolo(s) | São Paulo/SP

Feira Des.gráfica | São Paulo/SP

FIC FAN | Registro/SP


Feira Des.gráfica | São Paulo/SP



Indivisible and the Memory of Liberdade Neighborhood in Comics | Workshop taught through the Formation and Research Center - SESC São Paulo


 "Liberdades Indivisíveis" (1st e 2nd edition)| workshop that occurred twice, in may and december, through Sesc Paulista, São Paulo/SP

Portrating History Through Comics | FFLCH - USP (University of São Paulo), São Paulo/SP 

Lectures, Events and Debates


Conrad Publisher Talk - Web | CCXP Worlds.

Show and Tell - Web | CCXP Worlds

Narratives & Images: Creative Proccess - Web | III Semana de Jogos, Quadrinhos e Animação da UTFPR. (III Games, Comics and Animation Week of Paraná Federal University of Technology)


∙ Urban Perspective in Comics | Fuzuê Nerd, São Paulo/SP

 Territorial Narratives in Comics | Perifacon + Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo/SP

∙ Black Representation in Comics | Sesc Registro, Registro/SP

∙ Black Representation in Comics | Perifacon, São Paulo/SP

∙  Indivisible Creation Process | Anglo 21 High School, São Paulo/SP

∙  Indivisible Creation Process | FAAP, São Paulo/SP

∙  Indivisible Creation Process | FFLCH - USP (University of São Paulo), São Paulo/SP


 MIS Special Programming- Black Art Production in Brazil | MIS (Museum of Image and Sound), São Paulo/SP

MIS Live Studio - Section of the Comics Exhibition | MIS, São Paulo/SP

Interviews and Articles


 O Globo Web | Women in Comics

 Brasil de Fato Web | How are women transforming comics with representation.


 Revista Veja - Web and Printed | Inked Suburbs


TRIP Magazine - Web | Brief interview to the website about participating in Perifacon.


 Manos e Minas - TV Cultura |

Interview to the tv show "Manos e Minas" , from TV Cultura, in november 2018, about the process of making "Indivisível".

Interview goes from minut 43'30 to 48'00

 Quanta Magazine|

Marília Marz is the "Recommended Artist" of august

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