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Bachelor Thesis in comics format. A narrative that discusses the black and east-asian culture that exists in the Liberdade neighborhood, in São Paulo, and its relation with time and space.

The book was financed through  Catarse (a brazilian Kickstarter) and can be purchased here in the SHOP


Indivisível rendeu a Marília uma indicação ao prêmio HQ Mix 2020, na categoria Novo Talento - Roteirista.

Indivisível got Marília a nomination for the 2020 HQ MIX Trophy in the category New Talent - Writer.

“Indivisible”, a narrative about black and east-asian culture in Liberdade neighbourhood, in São Paulo (the site housed many Japanese immigrants back in the early XX century, carrying a Japanese aesthetic even today), was Marília's bachelor thesis in Architecture. In 2019, the book was self-published through crowdfunding and, in 2022, Indivisível was published by Conrad and approved in PNLD (Plano Nacional do Livro Didático - National Textbook Plan) and is now part of the government official textbook list, being eligible for use in public schools throughout Brazil.

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