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como mídia

Comic strip made for SESC 24 de Maio ( 24 de Maio Cultural Center) as part of the project Downtown Cronicles in Comics, as a homage to the Black Consciousness Day.

The idea was to shed light on some of the important locations to black people's history in downtown São Paulo. The history and importance of those places goes unseen by most of the population, due to the erasure of black history from the city.

Memory as Midia


During March and April I was invited by Sesc Av. Paulista to illustrate the "Memory as Media" course. It was a total of 8 meetings, attended by me remotely and in person. Here I leave part of the text written by Sesc explaining the course:


“Memory as Media” presented theoretical references, research, artistic productions and collective strategies that considers the memory as the main tool of production and reflection. The course was taught by educator Aline Hasegawa and included the participation of Abílio Ferreira, Jade Alcantara Lobo, Wede'rã Lab and Marília Marz.


I wrote a text about this enriching experience, here is an excerpt of it:


“The drawing of the memory and its various developments, as presented to us in the course, proved to be a real challenge, since memory is, as Abílio Ferreira, one of the course guests, said: “a negotiation between remembering and forgetting” .

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