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SESC Pompeia - 2021

Comic created for SESC Pompeia’s “Quadro a Quadro” (Frame by Frame) project, an initiative where one artist is invited every month to create an original comic for SESC's Instagram.

The comic has 4 chapters, published over a month, one chapter per week, every tuesday. “The Ants Did It” was published throughout the month of October, 2021.

An english version of the comic will be uploaded as soon as possible, so for now feel free to enjoy the images! If you speak portuguese, it can be read below!

Comic book made in celebration of the 470th anniversary of the city of São Paulo. The comic was applied to the windows of the Sesc Carmo staircase and features a light and fun conversation between a boy and a thrush, who tells the boy some historical curiosities about the surroundings of Sesc.

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